How to Find Drought Tolerant Plants at Home Depot

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Home Depot has a huge variety of plants in their garden centers, you’ll see everything from flowers and vines to fruit trees and ground cover. As you may have already discovered, especially if you’re a gardening fan, it can be quite overwhelming to wander around a Home Depot garden center!

Luckily for us, Home Depot offers an ecologically friendly line of plants that requires less water than typical plants, which are called Smart Planet drought tolerant plants. We’ve taken a look and put together some helpful information for you to decide whether a Smart Planet plant is right for you.

What are Smart Plant Drought Tolerant Plants?

Smart Planet drought tolerant plants are, quite simply, beautiful multi-color succulents. The Smart Planet collection features 4 live succulent plants in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. You get them fully rooted in 1 Qt. pots, but each plant can vary in color, as well as dimension, as different types grow in different ways, such as taller, wider, shorter, trailing, offsetting, etc.

What You Should Know about Owning Succulents

  • Succulents come in an endless variety of colors, shapes and textures.
  • They are distinguished by thick, fleshy leaves or stems, or both.
  • Succulents’ adaptation for storing water allows them to endure drought and they thrive with very minimal care compared to what most other houseplants require.
  • Part of what makes succulents so fun is that they grow in different ways and can respond differently to more or less light or water.

What are the Benefits of Smart Planet Succulents?

  • Great as houseplants without the effort: Care is a cinch for these low-maintenance living treasures
  • Perfect for DIY patio and home decor: Smart Plant succulents offer provide natural elegance through containers, mixed planters, fairy gardens, centerpieces, wall mounts, terrariums and more, as well as garden beds or borders in mild climates
  • Amazing party favors: Succulents are a huge hit as party favors. Just check out all of Etsy’s succulent offers if you don’t believe us. They’re perfect party favors for events such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays and holiday parties
  • Unique, affordable gifts: It’s pretty cool to get a living plant as a gift. Succulents make versatile, easy-care, long-lasting gifts for everyone from children and best friends to parents and grandparents

Where are Smart Planet Succulents Grown?

Smart Planet plants are grown by Altman Plants in Vista, California. Altman Plants has a hugely impressive operation, and is the largest horticultural grower in the US. What’s even better is that the company is still family-owned and operated.

From Altman Plants

Our drought-tolerant succulents and perennials are not only easier to care for, they’re mindful of our planet too. We believe there’s something special about working outside in the soil with plants or that one-of-a-kind feeling you get when tending to your indoor greenery. We grow more than just plants, we create gardening experiences.

Altman Plants

How do you care for Smart Planet Succulents?

Home Depot has built a helpful website, Adopt Smart Planet, where you’ll see some basic information about caring for your new succulents. If you’re looking for more depth, check out Home Depot’s Tips for Growing Succulents. Here are a few simple tips for when you first get started:

  • You need well-draining soil
  • Succulents like bright, indirect light to partial sun
  • When you see the soil is dry, water it thoroughly
  • Protect your succulent from frost

If you’re just getting into houseplants and/or outdoor gardening, I recommend that you follow the instructions provided by Home Depot on plant care. They’ll help you get to know your plants better and to understand what they like/dislike. Thanks for following along, and good luck with your Smart Planet product!